We understand that God intends the local church to be a corporate display of His glory and wisdom, both to unbelievers and to unseen spiritual powers. Ephesians 3:10-11 reads: "so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. This was according to the eternal purpose that he has realized in Christ Jesus our Lord." Therefore, ours is a ministry of magnification, making God's glory appear to the eyes of the world and to unseen spiritual forces - as big as it really is - by bringing it into closer view and sharper focus in the form of Living Water Church.

Visitors are expected. If you are vacationing in our beautiful area, or if you are looking for a church home, you will experience sincere warmth and friendliness at Living Water. We exist as a church primarily for those who are not here yet.

Hi, thanks for visiting our web site. I am Dr. James Hofman, but almost everyone calls me "Pastor Jim." I have been a follower of Jesus Christ since my Junior High years in Delano California. Here are some of my turning points on the journey to become pastor of Living Water. I graduated from Fresno State University in 1979, where I had been a student leader with our Campus Crusade for Christ movement. My Bachelor of Science degree is in psychology, but I was often in front of people as an actor in a lot of theater at Fresno State.

My drama experience, combined with a hobby, led to a brief career after college as a professional sleight-of-hand magician. Traveling with my rabbits and doves, sponsored by a company in Denver Colorado, I was doing up to six shows a day in schools, shopping malls, vacation resorts, and service clubs. The travel soon grew old, and I moved back to Fresno, where I met my wife, Patti – at a magic show I was performing. In 1983, Patti and I moved to Portland Oregon where I attended Western Seminary. In 1986 I graduated from Western with a Master of Divinity degree. This is where our two daughters (Stacie and Katie) were born, while I studied at Western.

After seminary, I was the pastor of Grace Evangelical Church in Fresno for three years. In 1990, I accepted a call to pastor Westside Community Church in Los Banos, California. I pastored Westside for 12 years. While there, a position was offered me to teach public speaking at the local community college, as I still pastored. This is where I discovered a love for teaching college students. The State of California credentialed me on the basis of my former career as a stage magician – not the fact that had been developing and delivering public speeches (sermons) for 15 years. In 2003 the Hofman family transitioned to the beautiful and relaxing Central Oregon, where I could focus on simply being a pastor. (Yeah, right!) In 2005, after working the yard-marker chains for high school football games, I moved closer to the action by becoming one of the referees on the football field. Eventually I was part of officiating crews around Central and Eastern Oregon. In 2009, my love for teaching college continued. I walked off the football field and back into the college classroom, answering an urgent plea made by Central Oregon Community College for a part-time speech instructor. Students have the option of calling me Dr. Hofman, since April of 2011 saw the culmination of my six years in doctoral studies at Western Seminary, with a Doctor of Ministry degree.

My greatest joy out of all these hobbies, interests, and careers, comes from being a father and a husband. But it also ranks as a high privilege that I get to pastor among the wonderful people of Living Water Church. As a husband, father, pastor, and even college instructor, it is my conviction that God has called me to cooperate with the Spirit of God in helping others think and feel like Jesus, concerning everything in the visible and invisible dimensions of life.

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In 1900, Mr. James S. Bogue opened a modest 1-room store near the Little Deschutes river, 1 ¼ miles north of the current location of La Pine. This site was named Rosland, which included an old stagecoach road, over which all supplies to the area had to come.

For 14 years, James Frank Bogue, the oldest son, brought in freight for the store on large wagons drawn by draft horses, a distance of 125 miles from Shaniko, at the end of the railroad. At this time, Rosland was perhaps the only source of supply between Bend and Lakeview. A post office, established in 1897, along with a stage stop, a hotel, a blacksmith shop and large feed barn comprised the early Rosland location, soon to disappear with the addition of the town site of La Pine, originally laid out by the Walker Basin Irrigation Project (around 1910). Early Rosland historical records describe a large fire that had swept through the Rosland-La Pine area. In 1908, a year marked by a dry, warm summer, the Rosland Ranger Station was a "hot spot". A fire started in the Paulinas, and flames swept toward Rosland and the Deschutes on an unbroken 15-mile front. So serious was that fire that Ranger E.P. Petit of Rosland sent out a call for help. Fire fighters came from points as distant as Shaniko, Wasco and Moro.

Men battled the blaze night and day—for $2.50 a day. Old timers recall how deer and other game, frightened by the advancing flames, moved into the Rosland area in great numbers. Finally, rain fell, and the fire was quenched. Only 75 people lived in La Pine before 1912, but when the area between the Little Deschutes River and part of Pringle Falls was opened to homesteaders, population grew to 200 in a short time. People eagerly began to buy land laid out by the irrigation company, in the current town site of La Pine.

Some sources report that La Pine was named by Alfred Aya and Fred and Ralph La Follet-----"La" referring to "the" and "Pine" for the pine forest in the surrounding area. By 1911, La Pine had grown to a population of 600, with more than 100 children attending school. The Rosland community school house was subsequently moved into town. The first Sunday School was established in 1913 about 7 miles south of La Pine by Mr. G. B. Hockman, assisted by Mrs. A. R. Donohue. The Sunday school also met in Pioneer Hall and in private homes. From these small beginnings grew a leading of God toward the establishment of a protestant church, since many from different denominations continued to attend the Sunday school. Local merchants often provided treats, money and support, but there were not enough adults organized and ready to start a church. Not until 1951 was the First Conservative Baptist Church of La Pine (now "Living Water of La Pine") established, a result of many on-going prayers as early as 1940, for "a church that believed in Christ's holy teaching as taught in the New Testament and one that believed that a person to know Christ must repent, believe, and be baptized and then follow Christ's teaching" (in the words of Mrs. J.C. Johnson, a faithful worker with her husband in the community Sunday School). In 1953 property was purchased and renovated in downtown La Pine, but by 1975, because county regulations did not permit the larger proposed church to be built on that site, the downtown property was traded for the current church location, at the corner of Burgess and Primrose Lane. God's work in history, through His servants, through circumstances, and through prayer, is mightily accomplished in "His" perfect time, as these many evidences from historical records, personal letters and accounts clearly show. It is, and continues to be,